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Pink Kaolin Mud Mask (ships from Washington State)

This lovely product is created using french Pink Kaolin clay that is actually a combination of white clay and red clay that is found in France. it is very soft and gentle for your skin. apply once a month or so to tighten and sooth your skin.

Ingredients are as follows:

Pink Kaolin Clay

Bentonite Clay

Organic Honey Powder (contains organic maltodextrin)

Sea Kelp

Powdered Goats Milk

Chamomile Flower 


$15.99 Per 1.5 oz jar



This product as with all of my products are hand made in small batches and will vary in color and smell slightly from batch to batch.

None of my products have been evaluated by the FDA and are only ment to be cosmetic, they are not ment to diagnose, treat, cure or be used as a replaicement for your doctors advice. If you experiance any discomfort please discontinue use immediately.

All of my products come with a 30 day money back guarantee, just give me a call and tell me the problem and I will refund your entire purchase price.