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How I got Started... Kinda :)

Welcome To My Web Site, My Name is Annette Kathleen Wells...

I started making lotions in February 2006. I needed a new face cream, and I needed one that would not make my sensitive face break out. 

Well, one research paper led to another and I came up with what I consider the best face cream money can buy.

Mother necessity came knocking again when my grandson got eczema, he was only 2 months old at the time and we tried everything to cure him or give him some relief. I hit the books again and a few choice web sites and came up with a body oil that keeps his eczema under control.

Again, I needed something for my MUSCLE PAIN and ARTHRITIS PAIN, yep! You guessed it, I started researching again and came up with a cream that helps (NATURALLY) to relieve soar muscle pain and relieves some of my arthritis pain.

Well, as you can see I have a passion for finding a solution. I also have a passion for ESSENTIAL OILS and other natural ingredients. I have started a small business making NATURAL LOTIONS AND CREAMS. Come in and have a look around, I have created everything from scratch.

The lotions are all home made and hand crafted in Selah Washington. I make everything from foot cream to hand and body lotion and FUNGUS destroyer. If you need something special just let me know and I will see what I can do to make it special for you.

Have Fun and GOD Bless,

Annette          Me and my husband Ken at Packwood May of 2006




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