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Quotes What a TERRIFIC skincare product!! Never tried goat's milk before and didn't know what I've been missing! Forget the $100 creams and serums -- go Buck Naked!! Thanks!! And thanks to The Green Goat's hpl for introducing me to goat's milk! Quotes

Quotes I had to drag my husband to your stand in Packwood Sept 2012 because I am always looking for something to soothe his sore muscles and arthritis. He thought it would be just another "foo-foo" product but nonetheless followed me over to test it. I told him we could try it, and come back if it worked. It did and we bought some but I know he thought it may have been coincidence. Wrong! I know I sound like a commercial but he loves it so much that he asked me to write this thank you! He is a contractor so his hands have had 30 years of abuse and is so grateful that he can put this on and within 10 mins he gets relief... Thank you! Quotes
Sore Muscle & Arthritis Cream

Quotes Hello Annette, I'm Jr. I stopped by your stand at Packwood yesterday. I'm the guy who kept asking you all these questions about your product. I ended up buying your Eczema cream along with your Eucalyptus and Spearmint lotion. I used them today and am very excited to see some results. As I told you yesterday at your booth, I've been using Goats Milk body soap and have been looking for lotions with Goats Milk. Coming across your booth yesterday was a treasure find! You have so many useful products. I just wanted to email you and let you know that I'm intending on following you and your products. I'm going to wait till hopefully you come out with a mens deodorant. ha. Well have a great day and thanks for everything!! Quotes
Customer from Packwood Wa

Quotes I first bought your sugarscrub (Angelic scent) back at the Packwood flea mart a few moons ago. I simply fell in love with it and how it made my skin so soft and smooth. I saw you again this memorial weekend at Packwood, and I purchased the Orange Passion sugar scrub and I am falling in love all over again. Thank you for taking the time, money and effort into putting such wonderful products out in the market. I look forward to seeing upcomming inovations! Quotes
June 10, 2009

Quotes I use your arthritis cream. I stumbled onto it totally by accident. It has been a God send to me. I have firbromyalgia, and arthritis in my hands. I use that all over my body for what ever hurts for the most part. I love the fact that it is all natural and doesn't make me smell like an ben gay factory. My mother in law has a torn rotator cuff and I have been using it on her sholder and it really helps her pain as well. I also gave some to a friend at work and she loves it as well. Not sure what it is in there that makes it work but it works really well. Thanks faith Quotes

Quotes I purchased your Eczema relief cream (when you were here in the Tricities) for my a rash my son had gotten under his swim suit. I was amazed it healed up totally after two applications! Last summer I had to take him to the doctor and used steroid cream for weeks to get it cleared up. Thank you so much! Quotes
Customer from Tri-City's

Quotes This product is absolutely outstanding if you live where there is lots of sunshine. The coconut lotion conditions your skin with the coconut oil white soothing a sunburn. Also the facial cream leaves your skin soft and smooth. Thank you Annette for continuing to make and produce your products!!! Quotes
Ivy Latham

Quotes great jasmine oil! I will keep it out o' the sun! Quotes
sheryl pingel

Quotes I have known Annette since her Mother and i have been friends. Annette sent me some of the arthritis cream and believe me it does wonders for me when my whole body is aching. arms, hands, shoulders, feet, knees everywhere i can reach. I am going to get another container so i can have it near when i need it. Quotes

Quotes I was at Packwood when I bought your coconut oil lotion. I worked in a field where I had to wash my hands all the time and this was the only lotion that actually worked on my hands. I just placed a order for this and to try the skin cream. I look forward to receiving my order. THANKS. Quotes
September 20, 2008