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Natural Leave-In Hair Treatment

This is my all natural version of a leave in hair conditioning treatment that will leave your hair soft and silky each time you use it. My hair is very long, it gets very dry and frizzy as I am outside so often..I have people everyday that ask me to invent a natural chemical free shampoo and conditioner for the hair, I still have not come up with a shampoo but now...finally... I have come up with a leave in conditioner that works!

I created this, as with all of my products, right here in my shop in Yakima WA, I love that I can offer a wonderful product that is locally made.

I have been using it regularly and I have had wonderful results, my hair is soft and healthy not frizzy and dry. I find myself touching my hair all the time now, its just so soft .. I love it again.

I am offering my treatment in a convenient 8 oz bottle with a fine mist spray top. Try my Natural Leave-In Hair Treatment for 30 days, if you hate it let me know and I will refund your purchase price... if you love it, please log in and leave me a testimonial... I can't wait to hear what you all think of my new Natural Leave-In Hair Treatment... Take Care, Annette



8 floz bottle

18.99 EACH



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